ARC Review: Mirage by C.M. Radcliff



🗨️ Book Musings: Bookstagram Struggles

Sometimes I feel like I want to do the bookstagram construction thing – building shapes out of books. I’m not sure what exactly it’s called 😆. But I barely have enough books to begin with, what more of the same size or colors.

And most importantly who the hell going to carry all my books from my room to the patio downstairs? 🤨 Yeah, it’s not happening even if I have enough books 🤣.

My room doesn’t have good lighting. Indoor lighting not bright enough, but the sun outside is too blinding. There’s no middle ground lol! My patio perfect natural lighting is between 7:30-8:30 am. A short window for that magic hour 😏.

The things I have to suffer for bookstagram lol!