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Best Books of 2020

The year 2020 has been a difficult one for many, and it affected my reading too. Every single year in the past, I always ended up adding more books to my Goodreads challenge. This year, however, I barely made it with my original goal of 110.

I’m satisfied with my non Romance reading however, this year significantly lacked YA Fantasy reading for me. I’m hoping to remedy that in 2021. My ratings are also lower this year. It just seems harder for me to be impressed. Anyway, below are my Goodreads stats.

For my full reading list, check out my Goodreads 2020 Year is Books. Here is the recap of the monthly Top Pick winners. Also, be sure to check out the special awards below it.



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“WTF Just Happened?” Award

A book that gave me hope I can still be surprised.


“Irreparably Damaged” Award

A book that shattered my soul.


“Swept Off My Feet” Award

A book so romantic, it made me all warm and fuzzy.


“Badass Bitch” Award

Irrefutable Queen Bee


“Hero Worship” Award

Heroes worthy of being worshipped. A dark hero and two sexy pirates are a nice addition to my harem. 



“You’re Sexy and You Know It” Award

Sexy/beautiful covers.


“Oops, I Forgot My Panties” Award

Books so hot, no panties required. Note: Award goes to Jade West’s Over His Knee from the anthology.


“Little Gems” Award

Short novellas/stories worth their weight in gold. I haven’t read all the stories in the anthologies but they’re dark and dirty just the way I like it.


“Darkness Prevails” Award

Books that soothed my dark soul.