Art Policy

Blog Arts

The custom made red feather themed arts are part of Warhawke’s Vault Book Blog logo. Public usage of the arts are strictly prohibited unless on posts related to this blog.

Teaser Arts

All teaser arts (images and gifs) are edited by me using free stock photos and images found online. I do not own the original images, but claim ownership of the edited arts.

For Authors
The teasers are free for use in its original form for promotional purposes. I do not require permission but a mention/link to my review/blog/social media account would be appreciated. Please do not cut my watermark or edit my art (which includes adding it into a collage) without my approval.

For Bloggers and Reviewers
My permission is required if you plan to use my art on your blog/review. It has to be properly credited and linked to the original review. Please note I will not approve for my art to be used on negative articles/reviews.