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🗨️ Book Musings: Stripped – Christy & Claire from I’m All Booked Up



🗨️ Book Musings: The Study of a Reader

Do you usually read alone, buddy read or group reading?

I mostly buddy read and I’m so used to it that when I read alone, sometimes I feel the experience is incomplete 😆. Sometimes I might miss something or have questions or point of discussions. Or simply gushing or bitching about characters or plot.

But when there’s no one to talk to it’s like, “Wait, I guess that’s it?” lol! This is especially true when the book is ARC, which means there are fewer reviews to check out if others feel the same way.

Another thing I like about buddy reading is it motivates me to be productive in my reading. It helps to keep my pace consistent. And if the book sucks, at least I know I’m not suffering alone lol!

Group read can be fun too unless I become the last one to finish… But it also depends on how it’s done. I did group reads with Shh… group on Goodreads and I like the way it is there where we discuss as we read while being careful with spoilers. I’ve seen other group on Goodreads or FB done it differently. I cannot do the kind that limit certain number of chapters during certain time period. I don’t like letting myself being “controlled” haha!