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✏️ #FirstLineFriday: His Master

Reading the first line in this book made me twitchy.
Why? It because I don’t think I can live in a commune – not even the kinky kind 😆
I value my privacy too much. Without it I feel stifled. Also, I can’t stand people ordering me around and I’m not a people pleaser. This book is about the life of a sub who’s proud of his craft. While I can understand and appreciate his role, I could never be one lol!


★ Book Details ★

His Master by Bink Cummings
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Six years ago, I was accepted into an exclusive BDSM commune that caters to the gay elite, and molded into the submissive of every dom’s dream. Under the ever watchful eye of Master Croy, my savior, I spend my days fulfilling my masters’ every fantasy. It has become my solace. The only place I’ve felt at home. They respect me for who I am. Made me into the man I’ve become…It is my hope that I never have to leave…
Until now…
Because of him.
The master who makes me feel.
The gray haired God who sees me as more than a slick hole and pretty face.
I’ve never felt this way before.
Things are changing.
I’m changing…But I don’t know what it means.
My home is here. I can’t leave.
But what about him? Master Kellan. I think he wants me.
Can I tell you a secret?
I think I want him, too.

Warning: Contains shameless, make your toes curl, sexual M/M content. Adult F’in language. A smidgen of mushy love. Taboo elements including those of consensual BDSM relationships. And whatever else that makes it unsuitable for anyone under the age of 18.


Best Books of 2017

It’s that time of the year again! Time to show the cream of my riding reading crop.

2017 marked the evolution of my reading – the year I ventured into long YA Fantasy series. I never thought I would read them because like my sexy books too much and I am allergic to long books and series. But damn peer pressure, I finally broke. Some of them has sexy times too so it’s all good lol!

Below are the winners of 2017 monthly Top Pick. Click the banners for details. Also check out the special awards after that 😀 Let’s hope for more awesomeness in 2018!


Favorite Arts of 2017

One of my favorite component in my review is the teasers. I love making them but it’s also a love/hate relationship. I loath the task of finding pictures. My inspiration for the teasers mostly based on the book. The funny thing is sometimes I get more inspiration on books I don’t even like that much lol!

Out of 261 teasers I made this year, only two were gifs. Maybe I should start making gifs again next year hmm?

For my bookstagram, I started to do challenges this year. I love doing it but OMG how much time it takes! I do wonder how I still managed keep up with reading and reviewing haha!

I refuse to have a fixed theme. I need variety in life and that including my bookstagram. But generally I like to pair my books with food or derelict setting.

Below are the collections of my favorite teasers and bookstagram for 2017. They are in no particular order – mostly chronological lol! Hope you enjoy them much as I did creating them.

For full list of last year’s art check out my Teasers 2017 board and my Instagram.



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December 2017 Top Pick

Books Read In December

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December Top Pick



The Shadows by J.R. Ward is a story of sacrifices and making the most of one’s life.  When the brothers first introduced in the series, I did’t really like them, but they definitely grew on me. I’m looking forward to the next book with one of my old favorite, Rhage.