🗨️ Book Musings: LGBT Reads

Since June is Pride month, I want to share my favorite LGBT reads. It took me a while to develop the courage to pop my cherry MM cherry but once it happened there’s no turning back. Like regular books, if it’s Romance, I prefer them to either be hot or with feels. Even better if both. Below are some of my favorites. Click the book cover to read my review.



Best Books of 2018

In 2018 I’ve added 151 books into my reading list. Before last year I thought I’d never reread a book but this year I did two of them (Under Mr. Nolan’s Bed and Forbidden). I believe I read enough variety of genre/sub genre, but it’s been a while since I read a truly laugh out loud romcom. Hopefully next year there will be some good selections.

For my full reading list check out my Goodreads 2018 Year is Books. This is my favorite GR feature. I love seeing my reading stats. And this year I broke my personal record for longest book read!

Below are the monthly Top Pick winners and the reason they earned their title. Also be sure to check out the special awards below it.


Best Books of 2017

It’s that time of the year again! Time to show the cream of my riding reading crop.

2017 marked the evolution of my reading – the year I ventured into long YA Fantasy series. I never thought I would read them because like my sexy books too much and I am allergic to long books and series. But damn peer pressure, I finally broke. Some of them has sexy times too so it’s all good lol!

Below are the winners of 2017 monthly Top Pick. Click the banners for details. Also check out the special awards after that 😀 Let’s hope for more awesomeness in 2018!


Best Books of 2016

I capped 2016 with 190 books. This year I’ve been more adventurous than I’ve been previously. Last year I mostly stick to authors I’ve read. This year I looked out for new authors to me. I get bored easily so I need variety in term of writing style and genre. By venturing out, I’ve discovered new authors I would read more of, but also some that I might not touch again lol! The twelve books listed above were the winners of my monthly Top Pick. They are books I read in 2016, not necessarily released in 2016.