Review Policy


I’m currently not taking review request until further notice

I accept request from publishers, authors, self-published/ indie authors. Reviews written will reflect my personal opinion and will be in fair and honest manner. If the review is not favorable, I will include the reasons why. I will do my best not to undermine an authorโ€™s hard work by avoiding writing insulting/slanderous review. I am willing to host guest post, giveaway and interview with authors.

My reviews are written in casual and relaxed manner with a tinge of humor where applicable. I usually take 2-5 days to finish a book. If the review is required to be posted within certain date, please allow sufficient time for it.

All reviews will be duplicated or slightly modified for review on Goodreads (if applicable) and Amazon . Review links are updated to my Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ accounts. Sample of my special reviews can be seen HERE.

What To Expect From Requested Review:
Each review will include:
Book cover
Genre & book type
Purchase links
Link to authorโ€™s website and social media
Rating (1-5 stars)
Storyline summary and content review
Teaser graphics

* A brief note will be included on how I acquired the copy.

Book Format: ARC, finished copies and ebooks

Book Type:
I accept novels and novellas. Standalone is preferable. Series are acceptable if I have read the previous installment. If not I would need a copy of the previous books.

I read Young Adult, New Adult and Adult literature. I am not opposed to stories of abuse/hardship/cheating/questionable moral values. In fact I relish being immersed into the minds of unscrupulous literary characters.

I do not accept non fictions of any types.



Not Accepting:
Sci Fi


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