Review Policy


I am currently not taking review request until further notice, unless from authors whose works I’ve read and enjoyed before.


Thank you, publishers and authors, for your interest in my review.

My reviews will be unbiased, without spoilers and reflecting my personal opinion. If the review is unfavorable, I will be honest but fair about it.

My writing is casual and relaxed, and typically accompanied by short quotes and custom made teaser graphics. I also post currently reading bookstagram photo as pre-review promotion. During reading, I will periodically post progress updates on Goodreads. All reviews are posted on blog and shared across social media platforms and relevant purchase sites.

I accept review copies from publishers, indie and self-published authors.

Book Format: ARCs and published works in print (to Malaysia) or ebook.

Book Type:
Full length and novella. For anthology, there’s a possibility I will not read every story. Preferably standalone or if I’ve read the previous book(s) in the series. I do not accept requests for a new series unless by authors I’ve read before.

I read Young Adult, New Adult, and Adult. I enjoy dark, angsty, heavy and emotional books the most.

Romance (All subgenres except Regency and I avoid light, typical story)
Historical Fiction
Literary Fiction
YA Fantasy/SciFi


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