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Book Musing: The Anatomy of Hate

I’m a choosy reader. I don’t simply read any book I came across. Whatever I read, it’s because there are certain factors that attracted my attention. So generally, I end up enjoying most books that I chose to read. Of course there were few misses, but I moved on from it and try to avoid such books/authors in the future.

However, I don’t understand how some readers could constantly hate the books they read and rated very low paired with very negative reviews. If no book impressed them, why do they keep reading?? Maybe it’s time for them to stop reading fiction or find a new hobby.

I understand about giving a genre/author a chance. For example if they read three books by the author and it’s not working, they should move on. But reading eight books by same author and none worked, why are they wasting their time and energy spreading the hate? Some of them went all the way telling people to not read the book, yet they keep reading and bashing the author.

One of my biggest pet peeve with reviews is reviewers who try to influence readers. It doesn’t matter if I love or hate the book, I let my readers be the judge because I respect them enough to not treat them like mindless sheep.