🗨️ Book Musings: Seduce Me

Do you read blurbs?
I used to, but after too many time encountering spoilery blurbs, I mostly don’t anymore.

I want to know the gist of the book before choosing to read it but I also want to discover things myself instead of being told what to expect. Spoilers are my biggest reading pet peeve but somehow some authors just love spoiling their own books. I’m not talking about detailed trigger warning but the actual content of the blurb itself.

I’ve identified authors I’ve read that are known to do long blurbs detailing the plot. I won’t read those blurbs except for maybe the first and last paragraph. I rather check out their teaser graphics to get the feel in deciding if it’s something I want to read.

For authors I never read, I’d just skim through it. I’m not daring enough to read a new to me book/author completely blind because I don’t DNF so I like to minimize my potential suffering 🤣.

Blurb is an art form. It has to seduce me without actually flashing me.