ARC Review: Vicious Retaliation by C.P. Mandara

Title: Vicious Retaliation
Author: C.P. Mandara
Genre: Dark Romance
Type: Book 4 of Twisted, Dark and Deadly series
POV: First Person – Multiple
Expected Publication: August 30, 2021




Melinda Leader is a vicious monster with a score to settle. Okay, I might have tied her down and had a little fun with her. Most chicks dig that, don’t they? Inviting a few friends over to help was probably going a bit too far. Nearly killing her probably didn’t do me any favors, and trying to slit her throat was most definitely a mistake. Oops. We can still be friends after that, right? I’m willing to live and let live. I’m a reasonable kinda guy.


Adrien Dumortier looks very fetching shackled to my wall, especially as he’s naked. Now that I have him exactly where I want him, the fun and games can begin. How do I bring this man to his knees? Your basic run-of-the-mill torture will be too tame for this hardened criminal. I’ll need to be creative. What is the ultimate torment for a man like Adrien? I want to crush him like a fucking parasite – and I’m willing to use any method necessary to achieve my aim.

Yep. Anything that fucking works has my vote.

All good men must come to an end.
Bad ones, too.



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ARC provided for an unbiased review.

After being tortured at the hands of Adrien Dumortier, Melinda Leader looked forward to having her own revenge on him. With James and Lois Leverett roped in, things might just end up getting out of hands.

Let me just start by saying I hope Mel will die lol! I have never been a fan of her, and am a little worried about where the story is going. Maybe it’s because I’m protective of Adie, but I thought she was a bit too much. I’m also curious to see where James and Lois will fit in the equation.

“How do those panties feel?” My hand wavers over his ass lightly, kneading the flesh gently. I’m going to flog these ass cheeks a lovely shade of cherry red in a minute, so that they sting like fire while he’s trying to get to sleep. I’m nice like that.
“A bit short on material, if I’m honest. They certainly let the air circulate, though.”

I liked how Adie took whatever dished out on him like a real man and of course, with his sparkling personality. Being the filthy reader that I am, my favorite part is not surprisingly what I call the “teamwork scene” lol!

Vicious Retaliation is a story of getting even. Looking forward to seeing the story is going.

Final Verdict:

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