Review: Warrior of the Wild by Tricia Levenseller

Title: Warrior of the Wild
Author: Tricia Levenseller
Genre: YA Fantasy
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Female

Rasmira Bendrauggo longed to be normal and unburdened by expectations. As the daughter and heiress apparent of the village leader, she was expected to excel in her upcoming Trials. But what supposed to be an easy victory turned into a fight for survival in the harsh land of the Wild.

I also know that true strength comes from being willing to fail in order to progress. Thatโ€”if nothing elseโ€”is what I have learned from my mattugr.

I love the friendship between the characters and how they learned to rise up and support each other when needed. Sometimes the characters seemed too young but I did find their antics amusing. Even though I appreciate the romantic element in the story, I felt they were more believable as friends.

But honor cannot be given. It is something that you find within yourself.

Overall, I enjoyed the storyline with the personal quests and self-discovery. However, the story was somewhat predictable and things left unanswered. Iโ€™d also prefer the story to have more intensity.

Warrior of the Wild is a tale of comradery and survival. It would appeal to readers looking for a Viking inspired YA Fantasy.


This review is also available on Goodreads.

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