ARC Review: Absolution by Keri Lake

Title: Absolution
Author: Keri Lake
Genre: Dark Romance
Type: Novella from Wanted: An Outlaw Anthology
POV: First Person – Dual
Expected Publication: January 8, 2019


Absolution is part of Wanted An Outlaw Anthology. 

According to canon law, it is forbidden for a priest to betray the penitent for any reason. Even murder.

The consequences?


For years, I’ve listened to your confessions. I know your darkest secrets, and have swallowed your sins in silence. In return, I’ve offered you forgiveness in His name. But behind the partition that separates us, I’m nothing more than a man who has long questioned his own faith.

Your contrition is my invitation: to mete out the kind of justice you pray will never come. I’m neither pious, nor merciful, despite what you see. I’m an imposter, an abomination to all I represent. A quiet executioner who’s kept below the radar.

Until her.

She’s seen what I’ve done. She knows the man beneath the cloth and my every mortal sin. She has witnessed the uncontrollable vices she hopes to use against me in order to get what she covets most.

Yet, I know her sins, too. Ones she doesn’t bother to confess. The kind, for which, there is no absolution.



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ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

As a priest, Father Damon heard it all from behind the screen of the confessional booth. But when a man confessed to a despicable crime, he had to take matters into his own hand. He thought he eliminated one issue, but then Ivy Mercier came crashing into his life and posed a whole set of new challenges for him.

As much as I believe we’re all deserving of God’s mercy, there are those among us, wolves amongst the flock, who are, by their very nature, unrepentant predators, the kind that seek out the most innocent and vulnerable.

Father Damon was one sexy priest that could make women worship him on their knees. His dark past was intriguing and the untouchable aspect made him alluring.

Unfortunately for him, I’m not any other girl. History has proven, time and time again, that I’m an opportunist—admittedly, not always wise in my pursuits.

Ivy seemed to have trouble following her around. She made mistakes, but she learned to find a solution even though they might not be in conventional way.

I love taboo and short book so this one is a good combo for me lol! Even though the story was a little straightforward, I still enjoyed it. I like how it brought out several different emotions throughout the book.

Absolution is a story of being true to oneself. The novella is featured in Wanted: An Outlaw Anthology with 100% of the proceeds going to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Final Verdict:

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Keri Lake is a dark romance writer who specializes in demon wrangling, vengeance dealing and wicked twists. Her stories are gritty, with antiheroes that walk the line of good and bad, and feisty heroines who bring them to their knees.  When not penning books, she enjoys spending time with her husband, daughters, and their rebellious Labrador (who doesn’t retrieve a damn thing).  She runs on strong coffee and alternative music, loves a good red wine, and has a slight addiction to dark chocolate.


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. 📖 #CurrentlyReading: Absolution by #KeriLake From Wanted: An Outlaw Anthology Coming January 8, 2019! . Does indulging on too much #chocolate requires an absolution? 😆 I’m not a #chocoholic though. I only like dark chocolate and the ones with nuts. Also, I’m the only one in my family that eat dark chocolate. I don’t like anything too sweet and milk chocolate melts on my fingers lol! . . ★ Book Details ★ Pre-order: Absolution Blurb: After one of his penitents confesses a brutal murder, Father Damon breaks canon law to mete out justice and ends up an unlikely pawn to the woman who witnesses his crime. . . . #amreading #WarhawkesVault #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookblog #bookblogger #bibliophile #bookaholic #booknerdigans #bookish #bookishfeatures #bookstagramfeature #bookfeaturepage #mybookfeatures #igreads #bookphotography #BookstagramMalaysia #foodphotography #foodstagram #foodgasm #foodporn #foodiebookstagram #godiva #WantedAnOutlawAnthology #Absolution

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