Review: Broken by Megan Hart

Title: Broken
Author: Megan Hart
Genre: Erotica
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Female

Sadie Danning found her match in her husband Adam. But what she thought would be a long happy marriage screeched to a halt when their relationship was put to the test.

Joe Wilder started as a stranger in the park. Soon enough he became an outlet of her sexual frustration through his tale of sexual exploits. But as things started to become personal, they were heading towards complications neither of them were ready to face.

“I thought I’d always be able to take care of you, Sadie. That you’d always need me more than I needed you. And now, you go out every day and live a life I have no part of, and I…I don’t know how you can not need me, anymore.”

I first found this book when I first started reading a few years back. But then it got lost because I forgot the title and author name. I found it again about two years after and took me a while since then to finally get to it. All that wait was worth it though because this book left a mark in my heart.

Sadie and Adam were thrown headfirst into a difficult situation. It was sad seeing how it affected them as a couple and as individuals. I could understand what they felt and why they acted a certain way and there was really no right or wrong in this situation.

“I know everything and nothing about him all at the same time.”

I adored Joe. He might seem like a periphery character but his role had impact. Even though he didn’t get a POV we get to learn about him through his story. And I liked how he was unapologetic of who he was inside.

It takes work and compromise to keep even an untested marriage strong, and ours was anything but untested.

Broken is not a romance but a love story nonetheless. It would appeal to readers who want an erotic story with depth.


This review is also available on Goodreads.


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