Review: The Stablegirl by Miss Merikan

Title: The Stablegirl
Author: Miss Merikan
Genre: Erotica
Type: Standalone
POV: Third Person

Annie was a lonely scullery maid. While not happy with her situation, she was grateful to have a job and a roof over her head. But her mundane daily routine changed when her Master acquired a new pet and she was entrusted to care for him.

Coal was no ordinary stallion. He’s the human kind. Every day, they took solace and found comfort from each other even though they could never communicate with words. But after a year, Coal was free while Annie was left behind. That was until she was sold to Dante Salvai, the new owner that changed her life.

Pony play isn’t for everyone but I’ve always find it fascinating. This book is more of a gentle, playful kind but didn’t make it any less interesting.

He was so big, so heavy, a true stud. She’d have no other stallion mount her like this.

I love the dynamic between the characters, how their situation thrown them into the unknown, yet they embraced it naturally. What they did for each other was heartwarming. I also like how they handled society impression and judgment regarding their position. The sex scenes were extra scorching but of course horse tack made everything hotter haha!

No self-respecting woman would allow this. Then again, she wasn’t a woman anymore. In his eyes, she was a pony to play around with, without any choice in the matters of her body.

I like how the setting was a post apocalyptic Victorian era. However there were a couple of elements about the world that were never fully explained. It made it felt like it was simply a prop with no real purpose.

The Stablegirl is a tale of sacrifices and embracing changes. It would appeal to readers looking for fetish read that’s on the mild side.


This review is also available on Goodreads.

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