Review: Under His Stiletto by K.A. Merikan

Title: Under His Stiletto
Author: K.A. Merikan
Genre: M/M Erotica
Type: Standalone novella
POV: Third Person

Mike was having good day with his friend while taking a break from construction work. That was until his friends’ antics got them in trouble and Mike had to pay for it by (willingly) taking the punishment from Momma.

She was a woman in power, and yet with a dick to put him in his place. Was she hard under all those petticoats?

Well that was something for sure lol! Basically this book is a MD/lb but the mummy is a man. It was definitely an interesting dynamic and it took a bit to wrap my head around it haha!

She didn’t spare him at all, hammering her cock into him over and over. The sound of her balls slapping against his ass only upped the humiliation of it all, but he was ready to bear with it, because his Momma wanted him to.

Most of the book was of their interactions but it was fascinating to see how they behaved in the relationship. There weren’t many sex scenes or hardcore kinkery but it satisfied my needs. I find it quite disturbing how much I think Mike and Mommy fucking was hot lol!

“Have you no shame, Michael? Saying such things to your momma?” she whispered and grabbed his ear, tugging him lower by it.

Under His Stiletto explores gender identity and kinky role play. It would appeal to readers looking for a story that pushes boundaries.

This review is also available on Goodreads.


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