Best Books of 2017

It’s that time of the year again! Time to show the cream of my riding reading crop.

2017 marked the evolution of my reading – the year I ventured into long YA Fantasy series. I never thought I would read them because like my sexy books too much and I am allergic to long books and series. But damn peer pressure, I finally broke. Some of them has sexy times too so it’s all good lol!

Below are the winners of 2017 monthly Top Pick. Click the banners for details. Also check out the special awards after that 😀 Let’s hope for more awesomeness in 2018!






Click cover to read review.


“Someone hose me please!” Award

Hotter than Hell read

“Let me love you” Award

Misunderstood heroes I want to sooth.
Knight & Cole


“I want to rub you on my you-know-what” Award

There’s just something so sexy about this cover.

“Stop breaking my heart” Award

Oh I’m not crying. Just some dust in my eyes. Snifs


“Nobody puts baby in a corner” Award

Secondary character who should get more page time. My baby Lucien should be a star.


“Bitch, I’m fabulous!” Award

Celaena Sardothien would literally say that.
That brat is vain AF, but at least she back it up with badassery.

“Dude… that’s sick!” Award

Dark book that feeds my hungry soul. Rabbit and Shank makes my heart all fluttery. And of course my soulmate Benny 😘.




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