Review: The Shadows by J.R. Ward

Title: The Shadows
Author: J.R. Ward
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Type: Book 13 of Black Dagger Brotherhood series
POV: Third Person

Trez Latimer and iAm were brothers whose fates bound by the stars. As the Anointed One, Trez had a duty that need fulfilling, but that duty means abandoning the ones he cared about.

For years iAm dedicated his life in taking care of his brother. He sacrificed his own happiness for his brother’s safety, just when he found someone who could make his life meaningful.

When the Shadow brothers first introduced in the series, I didn’t really cared much for them. Gradually, they commanded attention and I’m happy with their story in this one.

“Don’t waste all your life on me, okay.” Trez shook his head. “I’m not worth it, and you’re worth more than that.”

In the past, a lot of time I feel like punching Trez in the face. While I understood him feeling trapped, I felt he was also very selfish. It was a nice change seeing him on the other side when it comes to Selena.

His entire life had been in service to the male, and thinking of himself and what he wanted for his own shit was like exercising a limb that had been in a cast for decades: It seemed uncomfortable, unsure, unlikely to sustain weight.

iAm had always been the quiet one. I love how much he was willing to sacrifice for his family. I’m happy when he finally took steps in making a difference in his life.

“I want more for you than this.”

I really like the overall storyline. It had the feels that has been lacking in the last few books in the series. One of my favorite parts is the comradery between the characters and everyone else.

The Shadows is a story of sacrifices and making the most of one’s life. I’m looking forward to the next book with one of my old favorite, Rhage.


This review is also available on Goodreads.

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