Review: Exp1re by Erin Noelle


Title: Exp1re
Author: Erin Noelle
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Fantasy
Type: Book 1 of 2 from Exp1re Duet
POV: First Person – Dual

Lyra Jennings was a recluse. As a photographer, her job was to capture life, yet she avoided living her own life. She was born with an ability that quickly became a burden the moment she figured it out.

Tavian West was a daredevil. Living life to the fullest had become his mantra for the past few years. An unexpected encounter with the uptight Lyra triggered something in him that urged him to open up her eyes while reexamining his own life.

I promised her I’d be her rock to lean on, and I won’t let her down.

Tavian’s spirit was infectious. He had the ability to make everyone around him comfortable and open. He was also very attentive and caring.

But I don’t do connections. They always lead to hurt and heartache, because no matter how strong and resilient the relationship is, no one lives forever.

Lyra was the complete opposite. Guilt and fears prevented her from enjoying her life. But considering her situation, her reluctance was understandable.

The story had an interesting concept. I like the sci-fi/fantasy element and it had more romance than I initially thought. Throughout the book, I had a few theories, but the ending was something else and would definitely make book 2 much more intriguing.

“I don’t give a shit what you have on or if you do your hair or put on makeup. This trip is about letting go, learning more about who you are and experiencing new things.”

Exp1re is a story of opening up to new experience and living life to the fullest. It would appeal to readers looking for a romance with a hint of sci-fi/fantasy.

Books in the series:
EXP1RE (EXPIRE Duet, #1) by Erin Noelle ETERN1TY (EXPIRE Duet, #2) by Erin Noelle


This review is also available on Goodreads.


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