Review: Taking What’s Owed by Alexa Riley

Title: Taking What’s Owed
Author: Alexa Riley
Genre: Erotic Romance
Type: Stadalone Novella 7 of Forced Submission Series
POV: First Person – Dual

Early morning run was Marley’s favorite way to keep fit. Even though she had been warned of the potential danger, she ignored it to achieve her fitness goal. What started as a regular morning turned into something else when her worst fear came to life.

Harrison had his eyes on Marley for quite a while and he had waited enough. He wanted her body and he would claim her any way he could.

Forced Submission is my favorite of Alexa Riley series. I’m so glad it’s back!

He’s like dog on top of me, rutting into my pussy like an animal.

This book certainly met my expectations when it comes to the hotness level. I like how Harrison roughed up Marley and her pussy dripping for it haha! The story is very short, but made me satisfied for the most part. However, it would be much hotter if the story was a tad darker.

The things I plan to do to her should make me feel some kind of guilt, but the only thing on my mind is a single thought.

Taking What’s Owed is a story of submitting to one’s desire. I would appeal to readers who like quick sweet read with an edge.

Books in the series:
Taking What's Mine (Forced Submission, #1) by Alexa Riley Taking What's Ours (Forced Submission, #2) by Alexa Riley Taking What's Hers (Forced Submission, #3) by Alexa Riley Taking What's His (Forced Submission, #4) by Alexa Riley Taking What’s Wicked (Forced Submission, #5) by Alexa Riley Taking What's Naughty (Forced Submission, #6) by Alexa Riley Taking What's Owed (Forced Submission, #7) by Alexa Riley


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. 📖 #CurrentlyReading: Taking What's Owed by #AlexaRiley . . ★ Book Details ★ Buy: Blurb: They say running is good for your health. But Marley finds out that it’s the most dangerous thing she’s ever done. . Harrison knows exactly what he wants and what’s owed to him. She thinks she’s safe out here alone, but she’s never been in more danger. . WARNING! Welcome back to the Forced Submission series. Just like before, these books contain situations involving forced submission and dubious consent. These themes are triggers for some but sweet candy for others. If you’re willing to hold off judgment until the last page, the ending is worth it, we promise! . . . #amreading #WarhawkesVault #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #booklover #bibliophile #bookaholic #bookaddict #bookporn #bookishfeatures #bookstagramfeature #bookfeaturepage #igreads #bookstagramchallenge #bookphotochallenge #bookphotography #goodreadswithaview #bookstagrammalaysia #TakingWhatsOwed #ForcedSubmission #KateSpade #wristlet

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