Review: Electric by C.P. Mandara


Title: Dirty Doms Box Set
Type: Anthology
Author: C.P. Mandara
Story Title: Electric
Kink Type: Medical/Electroplay
POV: First Person – Female

Lois Reeves’ job required dedication in order to achieve success in her assignments. To prepare for her latest one, she booked a session with a Dom. But learning to submit was only a fraction of what’s in store for her.

This man was my worst nightmare and ultimate fantasy, all combined into one.

James Leverett was an expert in reading people. As a Dom he used the skill to help his clients’ needs, helping them find the release that they sometime don’t even realize they needed.

Personally, electrical current + me = “Get that fucking thing away from me!” Haha! But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy reading about other people’s pain and suffering lol!

Giving up control was not something I was particularly comfortable with, but I couldn’t deny that the thought lit up my prefrontal cortex like a Fourth of July party.

I like the storyline and really enjoyed the final chapter where most the actions took place. It was sexy and intense. However the earlier part was a little slow for me.

“I’ll be calling the shots and you’ll have no choice but to do exactly as I say. You think you can handle that?”

This novella can be read as a standalone, but it also continues in the full length book Sparks.


This review is also available on Goodreads.


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