ARC Review: Devil by Ker Dukey

Title: Devil
Author: Ker Dukey
Genre: Dark Suspense
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Female
Expected Publication: July 28, 2017


Evi Devil.
Yes, that’s really my name.
The irony is not lost on me.
I was created from two evil souls and have the name to prove it.
Devil worshipers, perverts, murderer. Is all terms used to describe the parents I refuse to remember. My mind won’t allow me to.
And why would I want to?
One born of dirty blood running through her veins can never truly be clean from its murky hue.
No matter what they try to tell me happened in my past, my mind denies me access, therefore how can I know it’s true?
How can I believe that’s what I’m born from?
Glimpses of my past haunt me, the screams of terror echo in the silent darkness of my memories, trying to remind me that my Mother went from room to room butchering our family.
I’ve learned from scars that I suffered abuse and that my Father and siblings weren’t my Mother’s only victims.
Hearing what they tell me.
Reading the words printed in the papers. None of it can prepare me for what’s to come.
My biggest lesson is learning that some memories we suppress for a reason.


ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

Evi Devil was lost in between her own memories. She often woke up from snippets of vision, not knowing which one the truth and which one was the fabrication of her mind. One thing for certain, her past was violent one. With the help of someone from her past, it was up to her to uncover the truth, no matter how dangerous and painful it could be.

I want to become water, seep into his skin and live just under the surface, feeling his blood rush through his veins every day for the rest of my life.

I felt sorry for Evi. Being in her situation must have been confusing and scary. It required a lot of inner strength to survive what she’s been through.

You might not remember me, Evi. You might not remember us, but I do. Every single detail.

Max was an interesting character. I like how supportive and patient he was with her.

“I’m damaged,” I whisper without thought. Smiling down at me, he speaks with affection, making love to each word .
“Frayed at the edges maybe. The colors distorted. But still a masterpiece.”

I love reading suspense books with the character having memory issue. It made it interesting trying to figure out the truth and this book will make you speculate until you get the answers. I enjoyed delving into the characters’ past and possible motives with the darkness that surrounded them.

Devil is a story of a woman trying to mend the shattered pieces of her past. It would appeal to readers who enjoy dark suspense with a hint of romance.

Final Verdict:

This review is also available on Goodreads.


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