Review: His Master by Bink Cummings

Genre: MM Erotic Romance
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Dual

Michael had never felt belong his whole life until he was taken to the BDSM commune at House of Red. As a resident submissive and trainer, he was content with how he defined himself within the community. But a Dom who had his eyes on him wanted much more.

Master Corey Kellan was a well respected distinguished gentleman. Even though his mind said Michael was off limit, his heart told him otherwise. But with a secret to carry on his own, he must find a balance in order to make their relationship works.

I think the dynamics of D/s relationship in M/M romance is an interesting aspect to explore. I was eager to find out in this book, but it didn’t exactly turn out the way I expected.

“How would that work? Would I be your dirty little secret? Someone you can’t be seen in public with?”

I like how Michael was passionate in his craft. Being a sub is not just a hobby but a lifestyle for him. It’s the only thing he knew and it became his comfort zone. I also like his gritty background but I felt it’s a wasted opportunity when it wasn’t utilized towards his character evolution.

I am supposed to be the master of control. To be cool and calm and have my shit together. Having Michael in my life obliterates my entire equilibrium.

Kellan was not exactly someone who I’d pictured as a Dom. He was too soft for my liking. While I always appreciate character’s vulnerability, he was to pussy whipped – or it is cock whipped? Haha!

Outside of those walls, I’m what? A gay man with no job experience outside of fucking. Who’s going to hire me? Hell. Why does Master even want me? Aside from my ass, what else do I have to offer?

The book started promising with the light, funny feel that I could enjoy. And I like that the story had the possibilities of having more weight; unfortunately it wasn’t fully explored making it insignificant. Also it didn’t help that the ending was too toothache inducing.

As for the sex scenes, I enjoyed the light, amusing scenes. There’s a certain element in M/M sex scenes that always make me excited lol! I’d love for the other scenes to be more filthy though :p

His Master is a story of facing fears and accepting oneself. It would appeal to fans of M/M light BDSM romance.


This review is also available on Goodreads.

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