Review: Orcgasm: The Barbarian’s Captive by Syn Root

Title: Orcgasm: The Barbarian’s Captive
Author: Syn Root
Genre: Erotic Fantasy
Type: Book 2 from An Erotic Elven Fantasy Adventure Novella series
POV: First Person – Dual


“Captivity never felt so good… “
Maya is in trouble. The Elven Captial has been sacked, and the Invaders from the North have proven all but impervious to the strength of Elven Magick.

Life, as a Barbarian Captive means one of two things — consent, and become a plaything for the will of the Barbarian Prince, or refuse, and live out the rest of your days in asexual servitude. Yet, there are darker fates in wait, just beyond the southern horizon. When the Orc Hordes make their move, and Dragon Fire serves as a replacement for the Light of Dawn — will Prince Sòl, and his forces call upon those very Captives whom, they have sought to enslave?

The Barbarian’s Captive is a Standalone Sequel to Full-Bodied Orcgasm, the Steaming Hot, Fantasy Monster Erotica Novella.




Voluntary review from a gifted copy.

After surviving the Hard-Pole orc clan, Maya made the journey back home to the Elven Kingdom. But as she arrived at the capital it was all in ruin. Now a prisoner of the barbarians, she was taken to their land by Prince Sòl to serve a purpose. However, soon enough they learned they have a common enemy that needed to be eradicated and must work together for the greater purpose.

With a movement, he shoved my chest to the floor, squashing my breasts against the woolen bedding, while he began to drive his weight into me, filling me repeatedly with his cock.

Maya was one badass princess in this one! I wasn’t convinced with her badassery previously, but she proved her worth not just as a writhing female, but also a worthy warrior. And speaking of the writhing part, the sex scenes were dirty just the way it should be :p

I began to seamlessly mix both magic and weaponry, turning into a singular expression of the blade’s desire. My voice joined in the chorus of the Barbarians as greater and greater foes fell beneath my defiance.

I like the fact that there were a lot of action scenes in this one. The ones with magical elements were especially exciting. I like the fast pace story but I still had some problem keeping up with who and what. Also I wanted an answer to why a certain scene happened. The ending was intriguing and I wonder which direction the author would go.

Orcgasm: The Barbarian’s Captive is a story of a group of people banding together to fight for survival. The series would appeal to readers looking for action packed erotic fantasy.

Final Verdict:

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Books in the series:
Full-Bodied Orc -Gasm Huge Size, Hardcore, Monster Erotica (Chronicles of Princess Maya Book 1) by Syn Root Orcgasm The Barbarian's Captive (An Erotic Elven Fantasy Adventure Novella Book 2) by Syn Root


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