Review: Viking by Jenika Snow

Title: Viking
Author: Jenika Snow
Genre: Erotic Romance
Type: Standalone Book 9 from A Real Man series
POV: First Person – Dual

While others planned their escape, Ingrid decided to stay put in her village when news of invading marauders broke out. By the time she realized her mistake, it was too late. With the destruction around her, she knew it was a matter if time before she became a victim. But help came at the height of her desperation in the form of a dashing Viking warrior named Gunnar.

And when I first saw this little warrior, a princess in her own right, a shieldmaiden waiting to be brought to the light, I knew she was mine.

I wanted something short and smutty, so I definitely got it in this book with a side of fun too. Even thought it wouldn’t call this book historical (lol!), this was my first Viking book and I enjoyed the light cultural references.

I moaned at the sight of him tunneling in and out of me, his thick shaft covered in my glossy desire and my virginal blood.

I like that the story wasn’t sugary sweet. I do wish for more fight scene though since it’s Viking and all haha! There was a lot of teasing and the actual sex scene took a while to happen, but I was pretty happy with it.

Viking is a tale of a warrior staking his claim (figuratively and literally :p). It would appeal for readers looking for light period smut.


This review is also available on Goodreads.


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