Die PB Die!

If you browse around my blog and see this image here’s why:
Photobucket decided to majorly change their policy without notice. Apparently they no longer allow users to use it for third party hosting unless they pay $399.99 per year.

This is completely ridiculous because people use photo hosting exactly for that third party usage. And to expect members to pay that amount when there are other FREE image hosting sites is a dumb business move.

The good thing is I use different host for my still teasers and promo graphics, so those stays. But the rest are gone. I’m replacing images that are visible from home page and on my last few posts. I have hundreds of posts, it’s impossible for me to replace all. So if you came across older posts, you can let me know and I’ll replace as I go.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.


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