Review: Dirty Daddies by Jade West

Title: Dirty Daddies
Author: Jade West
Genre: Erotic Romance
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Multiple

Carrie Wells was a troublemaker. Feeling unloved and alone since she was young, she hardened her shell by acting out. She refused to let anyone in even to a man with good intention who she admired.

Michael (Mike) Warren always tried to do his best in helping people in need. But even he was at wit’s end when it came to Carrie. And it didn’t help when he ended up dragging his best friend Jack into the predicament.

For those who are not into DDlg books, you don’t have to worry about this one because it’s not really that kind of book. Other than age differences and a few naughty name calling, there’s no sweet fluffy pink and all that lol!

I want both of them. And I want whatever it is they’re going to give me.

Carrie was a lost teenager and the only way she knew how to cope is by acting like an annoying brat. There were a few times I feel like spanking her myself. But her behavior was understandable and purposeful to the storyline.

I know I can’t act on it. I know both my professionalism and my sense of moral judgement won’t go down without one hell of a fight, no matter what my dick has to say about it.

Mike was a sweetheart. He was a conscientious man which did him good in his line of work, but presented a dilemma when it came to his personal life. I like seeing how he struggled in claiming what he wanted.

Jack, on the other hand, he seems like the guy who’ll see through all my shit and hold me firm, keep me right. Jack seems like the kind of guy to not take any shit at all.

Jack was the more daring one. He’s used to getting what he wanted and there were very few things that would prevent him from his desire. I like him but I wish there was more of him because his presence didn’t stand out as much as Mike’s.

We pin her, wet bodies rubbing wet bodies, soap and fingers and groans as our tender little wash session descends into another wave of hard dicks and needy pussy.

I really enjoyed the storyline. Each of the characters was distinctive but their personality complemented each other. And of course the sex was combustible.

Dirty Daddies follows the lives of three people exploring possibilities and answering to their desires. It would appeal fans of dirty unconventional romance.


This review is also available on Goodreads.

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