Review: Little Dancer by Brianna Hale

Title: Little Dancer
Author: Brianna Hale
Genre: Erotic Romance (DDlg)
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Female

For Abby Williams, dancing was an outlet where she could be herself. But her lack of direction and her childish behavior prompted numerous disapproval by her parents. That was until she got a firm hand from her boss.

Rufus Kingsolver was the theater owner known to be a hardass. When he saw Abby, he knew she had a potential not only as his dancer but also his sub and he believe he could shape her into his perfect little girl.

“Daddy’s allowed to say bad words to his little fucktoy.” He unzips his trousers and eases himself out.

I like how Rufus helped Abby in getting her life together. He was attentive and patient towards her. But as a Dom, I think he was too soft and need to be more authoritative.

I’m not strange, or weird, or stupid. I just never grew out of the things that everyone once needed to make them happy.

Like a typical little girl (as in legit one, not the kinky one lol!) Abby felt safe surrounded by all things pink and fluffy. It was sweet and cute. She knew what she wanted but was afraid to stand up for herself. I like seeing how started to be more assertive as the story progressed.

“Daddy’s allowed to say bad words to his little fucktoy.” He unzips his trousers and eases himself out.

I like how the book had a somewhat serious/sad moment. It helped break the sugary sweet feel. I was hoping for more smuttines though. I’d love to actually see her training session instead just told it happened especially considering she was clueless about the lifestyles.

“You’re my princess, babygirl, but you’re my slutty little princess who does bad things for daddy.”

Little Dancer is an adorable story of a girl finding her true self and the man who helped her to her full potential. It would appeal to those who prefer a lighter side of Daddy kink.

I’m a little disturbed that like Abby, I also love strawberry milk and Pocky sticks 😳. I better whip out my red riding crop before I start liking pink and fluffy shit haha! 😂


This review is also available on Goodreads.

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