Review: Jagged Pill by Marita A. Hansen

Title: Jagged Pill
Author: Marita A. Hansen
Genre: General Fiction/Romantic Suspense
Type: Book 3 of 4 from Broken Lives series
POV: First Person – Multiple


After escaping the mess of the club and the school fallout, Clara Hatton and Dante Rata knew their lives would never be the same again. They thought their love could survive anything, but sometime life forced people to veer off course.

“This ain’t Wera High, this is the real world, where I’m your partner, not a student. So, stop treating me like one.”

Like in previous book, Dante and Clara had to go through plenty of obstacles to keep their relationship alive. However, I feel like I didn’t learn anything new about them or their relationship. I wanted something that could make me see them in a different light.

Sex was my drug right now, a taste of ecstasy.

While Dante and Clara are still the main characters in this book, his father Tane also got his own spotlight. And I have to say I mostly prefer his parts especially that there were plenty of scorching scenes. While he might not be a respectable character, I like seeing how much he tried to be a better father to Dante.

“I’ve lost both a brother and a sister this year, and now I feel like I’m losing myself too.”

This book is fast pace – which is something I appreciate with plenty of thing going on that kept my attention. However, I feel like several things that were brought up, but never properly addressed. One of it is an issue that involved a few characters, but more specifically regarding one particular character. It was something significant with the potential of added mystery/suspense, but it felt more like an amusing trivial issue.

Also, there were several scene jumps that gave me a whiplash. I don’t have problem with scene jump in general, but in this book some lacking a transition and felt like it came out of nowhere. And even though I like the happenings towards the end, I feel detached due to this issue. This series being a spinoff might also be a contributing factor because I’m not familiar with the original series.

Jagged Pill is the third book of the explosive Broken Lives series. Even with the mentioned issues I had in this one, I’m looking forward to the series conclusion next.


This review is also available on Goodreads.


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