Review: Love Me in the Dark by Mia Asher

Title: Love Me in the Dark
Author: Mia Asher
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Multiple

Sébastien Leroux was a well known artist. While having no problem expressing himself through his paintings, when it came to real life he preferred to shut his heart. That was until he met the woman that made him see in colors again. The problem was, she belonged to someone else.

Valentina Fitzpatrick found love at a young age. Married to the man of her dream, she thought she found her happy ever after. But marriage bliss didn’t last forever and a trip to Paris that was supposed to mend the rift became an eye opener to what had been missing in her life.

A lot of readers tend to avoid love triangles and affairs, but for me, the potential heartbreak made me drawn to it. I love it when characters get put in the wringer.

“I have no right to touch you, to crave you as much as I do, but God help me, I can’t stop. I’ve tried to do the right thing, but I can’t anymore.”

Sébastien, just by his name alone was sexy. His casual and spirited personality was a plus for me. However, while he was swoony to a degree, I feel like I didn’t know him enough for me to completely fall for him.

For a long time, Valentina put others before herself. I like seeing how she slowly rediscovered herself and learned to be “selfish”. While I might not agree with some of her actions, I understand the predicament of her situation.

Everything about him from his wide shoulders to his crooked nose and pillowy lips is designed to bring a woman down to her knees, seduce her until she’s lost her mind.

This book was actually a lot milder than I wanted when it comes to the angst. When I read stories about affairs, because of the nature of the situation, I expected to be thrown into an emotional roller coaster. But when that didn’t happen, I felt less invested than I wanted with the characters.

I love books that are set in foreign locations. I like how the characters visit different places. However, I wanted a more visual description of the ambiance to help immerse me into the location.

Because when you finally find something worth living for, you fight until there isn’t one more drop of blood left in you.

Love Me In The Dark follows the life of two individuals learning to break free from their past. It would appeal to readers looking for love triangle story with mild angst.


This review is also available on Goodreads.

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