ARC Review: Contractual Obligations by Margot Bailey

Title: Contractual Obligations
Author: Margot Bailey
Genre: Erotica
Type: Standalone Novella
POV: First Person – Female
Expected Publication: May 12, 2017


When our newest client, Bryan Walker, pays me an office visit after hours, I already know I want to submit to him. He orders me around and I can’t help but love his dominating streak.

But then I find out he’s the city’s most famous BDSM Dominant, and I’m suddenly entangled in his double life. I discover the underground community that scares me and excites me at the same time. I can’t stay away, not until I find out exactly who Bryan Walker really is.

I want him. I want to do whatever he says and I can’t wait to feel his touch again. But how can I keep seeing him when it could lose me my job? And how will he react when he finds out I know about his secret life?


ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Mia was an ambitious career woman. As an advertising executive, she set a goal in becoming a partner at the firm. With the coveted Walker account in her grasp, she would do anything to make sure she got the contract.

Bryan Walker was a young billionaire who was notoriously hard to work with. Behind his serious business persona, lurked a dark side he rather kept hidden. When Mia started to get curious and stumbled his world, the line between business and pleasure got blurred and they must decide what they valued the most.

Mia’s curiosity not only brought her pleasure but also a different kind of pain. I like how she was willing to open up herself to new possibilities.

I stared at her naked body, wondering what it would feel like to be tied up and exposed in front of so many people.

As for Bryan, I felt like I barely know him. There was not enough of his background to establish his character. Also for someone who wanted his past time to remain a secret, he didn’t really put much effort into it.

I like the premise of this book of how business led to pleasure. I also like how the kinky scenes were portrayed in introducing Mia into the world. However, I wanted more sensuality in the sex scenes. At times, it felt too cold and mechanical.

In some deep, buried corner of my mind I was disappointed in myself. I’d always thought I was strong and tough and brave, but here when I needed it most I’d just shut down.

I was pleasantly surprised by a turn of event in this book. It added a different kind of excitement to the storyline. But I wish the plot was elaborated and connected better. There was an issue of relationship between characters that was never explained. Also, I understand the event could bring the main characters closer together but it was a little too much, too soon.

Contractual Obligations is a story of a woman exploring her curiosity. It would appeal to readers looking for a quick kinky read.

Final Verdict:

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