Review: Soaking In The Cure by Anna Viola-Peg

Title: Soaking In The Cure
Author: Anna Viola-Peg
Genre: Erotica
Type: Standalone Book 2 (Short Story) of Lorem University
POV: Third Person
Publication Date: April 9, 2017


A sexy short story about a woman who has lost her ability to feel arousal and the doctor who goes out of his way to help her reclaim her femininity.

Louise is a female who suffers with HSDD (Hypoactive sexual desire disorder). After turbulence in her life makes her lose all desire for intimacy, she throws herself into her job until one faithful day she receives an email claiming there is a cure.

Dr Michael Hunter has dedicated his life to research and when his trial starts going astray, he finds himself making too many emergency house calls to try and help his new patients. One of them, Ms Louise Hill, presents a particularly interesting case.
Anna Viola-Peg’s second story ‘Soaking in the Cure’ is 7000 words of hot scenes with a sprinkle of romance to spice up the famous taboo fantasy.




Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Louise Hill was a divorcee who longed for sexual gratification. Her lack of desire led to the demise of her marriage. When she got an offer for a clinical trial of a new drug treatment for Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) by Professor Michael Hunter, she jumped on the opportunity to reawaken her sexuality.

When it comes to smut, if the story is in taboo situation, it technically became hotter by default. And since I have not read doctor-patient one, I thought I’d give this one a try.

He knew she was frustrated. But he felt the same way as her; his cock craved to be released from its confines, his body ached with the need to touch her, to hold her, to own her, even if it was just until the drug wore off.

It was an interesting and fitting concept having the patient’s issue related to sex. I like how Louise was taking charge of her sexuality from before until after the trial.

In his mind he was ripping her underwear and taking her on the floor. She was screaming, through pain and pleasure. First begging him to stop, then begging him for more. What a perverted person he was.

The story had a good built up to the grand finale. However, I was hoping for more filth. Considering the characters dynamics and the situation, it could potentially push more on the taboo aspect.

Soaking In The Cure is a story of a woman taking back control of her sexual desire. It would appeal to readers looking for a short sexy read with a light taboo element.

Final Verdict:

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Anna Viola-Peg is a writer based in the North of England – where winds are strong and rain is almost constant. She likes to stay home in front of her laptop with a hot cup of tea and write racy stories. When she’s not writing she’s reading on her Kindle.

A graduate journalist with a bit of an overactive mind – non-fiction was just not the right genre so she branched out to put her never-ending fantasies on paper. Although her sexy stories feature a lot of hot scenes, she’s a romantic at heart.

She wishes she had a dog, or maybe two. A pug and a corgi. It would be great to have them running around the house while she writes. So far she only has a few plants she looks after.

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