Book Musings: Blubbering Blurb

While a beautiful book cover acts as attention grabber, for me what can sell a book is the blurb. An enticing blurb could make me pick up a book without much thought of who the author or what the genre.

I know some people do not read blurb. While I always want to start a book blind, I need blurb to gauge the general subject and feel. Unfortunately, there is a ridiculous amount of bad blurbs out there. It’s hard for me to comprehend how some authors are blindly sabotaging their own works.

These two are my biggest pet peeve:
Too many words
For me, a good blurb could entice with just two short paragraphs. Some blurbs are so long it feels like reading a short story! I had in the past abandoned reading blurbs that are too long. If the author can’t even hold my attention with blurb, it doesn’t sound promising for the book itself.

Too much information
I have read plenty of blurb that gave out too much of the storyline. I’ve read one book with a blurb that pretty much described the whole plot. I also have problem with blurb that mention a twist or possible ending which in turn ruined the surprise or lessened the overall impact.

For me a blurb should get my attention with enough vagueness for me to want to know more. I’m not a writer so I don’t know the technicality of what made a good blurb. But as a reader, I know what turns me on and off. And as readers, we hold the power of a purchase based on how successful is the author in luring us in.


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