Review: Junction X by Erastes

Title: Junction X
Author: Erastes
Genre: MM Historical Fiction
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Male

Edward (Ed) Johnson lived a seemingly perfect life in the 60s. With a good job as a stockbroker, beautiful wife and good twin kids, he didn’t know he needed something else until it was presented to him in the form of his new neighbor’s teenage boy.

Alex Charles was a shy but smart teenager with a bright future. His particular hobby brought him closer to the family next door. But when that connection started to become something more they took a risk that could easily ruined both of their lives.

I have only read a handful of MM books because I am particular with the content. I want angst, grit and soul searching story. Thankfully, this book met the criteria.

I wasn’t having a relationship with another man; it was laughable. I looked on it as a series of ‘episodes,’ and I called it that in my head. I refused to call it…what it was.

Ed’s life had been nothing than a facade. He was content with playing his part until it wasn’t enough anymore. I felt both pity and angry with him when it came to his life before and when Alex entered his life. But despite everything, I understood where he came from.

I loved his exuberance, his passion for life. Nothing, for Alex, was impossible. He made me feel invulnerable, and far more special than I am.

Alex was initially portrayed a certain way. I was surprised but glad his character quickly showed a different side. I could feel the dilemma he faced being on the other side.

I was in my own garage, with my children and my wife on the other side of flimsy wooden doors, and I pulled that young man into my arms and I kissed him as if it was our last moment together instead of our first.

I love taboo stories and this book is definitely that in more than one way. That was part of the thrill that added to my enjoyment of the story. But most importantly, I like the morality aspect of it.

Initially I was a little confused with the writing. Then I figured it out, it was written like a journal. It felt like reading someone’s private sordid secret and it helped me to feel the narrator and the story. The sex wasn’t overly explicit, but enough to established the scenes.

Small lies seem nothing—, and big lies—even the biggest—are no harder. They shrink with time and with repetition.

Junction X follows the lives of two individuals trapped in a secret life. It would appeal to readers who love MM stories with heavier content.


This review is also available on Goodreads.


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