Review: Under Pressure by Aria Cole

Title: Under Pressure
Author: Aria Cole
Genre: Erotic Romance
Type: Standalone Book 4 (novella) of Blue Collar Alphas series
POV: First Person – Dual

Jean-Luc Martel worked hard to be where he was now. As owner and chef of éloïse, he dedicated his life to the passion of his craft. But a new addition to the team made him realized all he’s been missing.

Delaney Thomas grew up in restaurant business. Coming from a long line of Italian family in the field, she knew how to take charge both front and back of the house. And she’s out to prove her salt and gain the trust and the heart of the notoriously difficult chef.

I love men who cook and I like doing it myself, so of course I couldn’t resist this one.

Working side by side with the very sexy, very moody Jean-Luc was proving a challenge.

Being French, Jean-Luc already got free sexy points. He’s also tattooed and an award winning chef. But his temper was also well known. Just imagine a younger, much hotter version of Gordon Ramsay.

Jesus Christ, she was a mini-me. The walking, talking, sexy female version of me.

I like how sassy Delaney was. She’s not some annoying bumbling character. She could certainly go head to head with the hothead chef.

I hummed, another orgasm pummeling through me as he fucked me at just the right angle, the pain-and-pleasure sensation too much to handle as waves of release flowed through every muscle.

Even though it was super short, I do like all the characters and the storyline. However, I was hoping for more hanky panky (and spanky) considering all the potential of the location and the tools within reach haha!

Shit, one look from her and I forgot my own fucking name.

Under Pressure put a couple’s attraction to each other under the heat lamp. The light, sexy read would appeal to readers looking for a quick read.


This review is also available on Goodreads.

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