ARC Review: Parasight by E.S. Carter

Title: Parasight
Author: E.S. Carter
Genre: Dark Romantic Suspense
Type: Standalone Book 2 of The Red Order series
POV: First Person – Dual
Expected Publication: April 1, 2017


I am drowning in darkness.
My limbs submerged in inky tar, my lungs asphyxiated by the stench of death’s hold.
My eyes see nothing but black.
Yet I see him.
And I am not scared.
I should be.

Don’t look into my eyes, for my demons will eat you alive.
My devil inside will feast on your soft flesh. His jagged teeth will tear the meat from your bones and drink the light from your soul.
His scars will turn the innocent into sinful and drag you into his dark pit of hell.
No light lives within this disfigured shell.
I am a vessel for pain.
Giving and receiving.
It feeds me.
It nourishes me.
It holds me close like the arms of a lover and whispers to me in the twilight.

They say the devil was once an angel.
There is no angel inside me.
I do not seek repentance nor forgiveness.
I do not crave things as weak as love.
My desire for her is purely selfish and once my appetite is sated she will be unlucky to leave with her life.
When she looks into my eyes, my demons will eat her alive.

*Book #2 of ‘The Red Order’ series. Can be read as a standalone, but to understand the full storyline consider beginning the journey with Feyness*


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ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Henry (Grim) Renshaw was known as The Reaper of The Red Order. As his moniker suggested, he delivered people wanted by The Red Order, dead or alive. Since he escaped his own hell, he was a soulless shell on a path of vengeance. But at the end of it, he unwittingly discovered a new path.

Calliah (Cal) didn’t have a past she could remember. All her memories stemmed from the nightmares of her captivity. Now she was free, she wanted to create new memories, but not until she sever the past.

I love the dark side, but I don’t usually go for the bloody kind. However I was intrigued by the secondary characters in book 1, Feyness that I needed to know their stories.

I reap. I rejoice in the death of others. I serve an irrevocable justice. And I enjoy it.

On the surface, Grim is not someone who one would normally be interested in. He was a loner brute. But that’s exactly what made him endearing especially when he felt out of depth. Also, I love how he riled up his brothers. I thought that was adorable in a… sinister way haha!

Cal’s existence sucks away everything and claims all of my attention.

Cal started as a fragile character, but she quickly showed some inner strength. I like how one element made her character much more interesting. However, I wish there was more of her past because the lack of specific details made me conflicted in accepting her behavior after.

I really like Grim and Cal individually and I do like how the romance element was downplayed. But to label them as a couple, I felt they needed to be more connected.

Sex and the coppery tang of blood thicken the air, the stench vile, but my Devil loves it, wanting more than anything to come out and play.

I think this book is less bloody than book 1, but as equally cringe worthy lol! The prologue set a powerful tone to the rest of the book. There were definitely some disgustingly fascinating scenes. Let’s just say, I might not use a certain innocent looking cooking instrument for a while lol!

From afar we likely look like lovers having an intimate moment, when, in reality, we are two broken people learning to accept the other in the only way we know how.

Parasight weaved a tale of two individuals healing each other amidst the depravity of the life they’ve been exposed to. It would appeal to readers who aren’t afraid to dwell on the dark side.

Note 1:
The epilogue OMG! If you know me well you’d understand how happy (and horny lol!) that made me hahaha!

Note 2:
That little tidbit on Luke, OMG are you trying to kill me E.S. Carter?! Luke has been my favorite since book 1 and now that little teaser *dies*. I knew there’s reason why he appeals to me lol!

Final Verdict:

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Eli Carter is a mum of three from the U.K.
She is a stay-at-home mum and a part-time advocate for families of children with special needs.
Her life is pretty manic, and she often gets asked, “How do you find the time to write?”
The answer is simple; she never sleeps, but not from lack of trying.
Reading and writing are her therapy, her solace and often the one thing that gets her through the long nights. (That and copious amounts of caffeine and sugar!)
She loves to connect with readers, so please feel free to friend/follow her on Facebook, IG and Twitter or join her reader’s group, E’s Elite ❤


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