Review: Touch to Surrender by Cara Dee

Title: Touch To Surrender
Author: Cara Dee
Type: Book 3 (Novella) from Touch series
POV: First Person – Male

4 Golden Cocks


Brayden Zeagler was happy with his relationship with his girlfriend Evangeline Lacroix. Since meeting their Master Mark Cooper, he started opening up and accepting who he really was. Admitting he’s a sub had been liberating. But accepting his sexuality and his attraction to Mark required a little more work.

While our love for each other has strengthened, a new bond has tied us to Mark in a way where we want more and more and fucking more.

I like how the relationship dynamics evolved in this one. I enjoyed seeing Brayden struggled with his inner self, trying to dispel the negative connotations embedded in his head when it comes to what role a man should take.

This is what I’m supposed to rebel against. I’m not supposed to like this—want it, crave it, fucking yearn…

I also like how supportive Evangeline was. And Mark pushed Brayden just enough without making him uncomfortable with the direction he would choose.

He fists my leaking cock and strokes it hard, he uses his free hand to touch me all over, evoking goose bumps and shivers, and his moans and curses only add to it all.

The sex was explosive! I love their play sessions together as trio but when the men left alone, that’s when it became incendiary.


This review is also available on Goodreads.

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