Review: Twice the Touch by Cara Dee

Title: Touch To Surrender
Author: Cara Dee
Genre: Erotica
Type: Book 2 (Novella) from Touch series
POV: First Person – Male

3.5 Golden Cocks

Fresh out of a miserable marriage Mark Cooper was happy with not having relationship commitment. As one of the Master at Switch he was content in enjoying his lifestyle. But an impromptu training session with a new clueless couple, started to stir something in him.

I doubt I’ll ever call her a masochist, and that’s a good thing seeing as I’m not a sadist, but yeah, I think she gets off on a fair amount of it. And Brayden…the jury’s still out on that one.

Evangeline Lacroix and Brayden Zaegler has been in love for a few years but they yearned for something different when it came to their sex life. Meeting Mark brought them to a new euphoric height while he attempted to push them out of their comfort zone.

Their pleasure belongs to me. And my mind wanders to Brayden’s pleasure. Would he take it from me?

If I remember correctly, I’ve only read two other books about male sub. I was pleasantly surprised this book added to the tally.

Their submission is a gift, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to fail them.

I like Mark’s background story and how he handled his life both outside and in scene. The sex was hot but I was hoping for more of it. Still, I enjoyed this one overall.

Note: I love how he called Brayden pup/puppy. It’s cute lol!

“You’re going to make this hard for me, pup.”


This review is also available on Goodreads.


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