Review: Skin by B.B. Easton

Title: Skin
Author: B.B. Easton
Genre: General Fiction/Romance
Type: Standalone Book 2 from 44 Chapters series
POV: First Person – Female

Brooke (BB) Bradley thought the first day of high school was going to be the start of her path to greatness. Little did she know how different everything would be when she caught the eyes of the most notorious boy in school.

Ronald (Knight) McKnight was the epitome of a bad boy. As the only Skinhead in the area, people gave him wide berth. His temper was legendary and to be on his radar equals death sentence. But behind all that hardness was a side only the privileged could see.

I love Knight so much in 44 Chapters About 4 Men. I was so afraid this book won’t do him justice and I’m glad how it made me love him even more.

“You don’t know what’s inside of me, Punk. It goes away when I’m with you, but it’s not gone. It’s never gone.”

I was not happy with how Knight was portrayed in book 1. Maybe that was the author’s reality but I wanted to see his humanity and I got that in this book. I will forever have a soft spot for fucked up, misunderstood characters because I believe everyone should have the chance to be adored. And I adore Knight completely with all his flaws.

Up to that point I had tried alcohol, caffeine pills, marijuana, LSD, cocaine, crank, prescription pain killers, and ecstasy, but I had never felt euphoria like that.

BB was crazy and fun. She was a typical 15 years old girl (albeit a lot wilder than most lol!). She did things to impress boy and struggled with personal demons. She made mistakes but learned to recognize them.

He tricked me when he smiled like that. He made me see someone else—a cute boy with perfect teeth, a hard body, and a smattering of light brown freckles across the bridge of his nose.

I like how this book made Knight to be more than just the scary Skinhead. Selfishly I still wanted more than just their teenage courtship. I wanted to know more beyond that until the end (even though it scares the shit out of me lol!). Maybe there will be bits and pieces of him in next books? I surely hope so.

I could almost hear his armor clatter to the floor as I peered into the face of someone vulnerable, aching, and alone.

I love the author’s fun quirky writing in book 1. It’s still present here with the addition of a serious undertone to the darker issues in the story.

Skin is the story of growing pains of two teenagers within the punk subculture. It would appeal to readers who love flawed characters.

Note 1:
I love Knight so much it hurts. I wish he wasn’t based on a real person…

Note 2:
I had my own semi punk, semi skater phase during my teenage years haha!


This review is also available on Goodreads.


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