Book Musings: Goodreads Shelves

(Not so random) screenshot of my Goodreads read shelf. I just wanted to show how pretty the Ripple Effect series by Keri Lake all lined up on the left lol! I didn’t plan my reading sequence to be this way and now I don’t want to ruin it by posting my next review haha!

Speaking of GR shelves, how organized are you with yours?

I categorized them by genre, feels and book type. I have two different “sad shelves”. One is for general sad books and the other is for ugly crying. I read plenty of sad books but not many made if into either sad shelf because I am very particular about level of sadness lol!

I only add books to shelves when I post my review. I will never add a book that I have not read so my total book number on GR is purely the number of books I read.

This is why I do not add books under TBR. I did that once a long time ago for a giveaway and it felt so wrong sullying the pureness of my shelves like that. Never again hahah!


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