Review: Taking Turns by J.A. Huss

Title: Taking Turns
Author: J.A. Huss
Genre: Erotic/Romantic Suspense
Type: Book 1 of Turning series
POV: Multiple

Marcella (Chella) Walcott’s life turned into an erotic fantasy when she entered into carnal agreement with three distinctive men. As they took turns with her, hearts became entangled and rules became blurred.

I know addiction to the dark when see it. And she’s a junkie.

At first I wasn’t sure if I like Chella because she seemed shady. But as I get to know her better, I like her boldness in getting what she wanted.

“We’re not bad guys. We just like to have some really sick sex.”

The three men had their own individual appeal. One was the quiet observer with an eye for more. Two was sweet, seemingly safe one until he bared his teeth. Three was level headed with a side of kink.

The story was interesting and filled with mystery and suspense. At times it was confusing with so many questions and never ending rules, but I’m glad it somewhat made sense by the end of the story.

I’m a selfish asshole. I want everything for myself. It’s in my blood. It’s part of my charm.

I’ve always like multiple POV because I’m the type of reader who needs constant stimulation. However, a few times I had to recheck the chapter to confirm whose POV I was reading because they were not distinctive enough to differentiate the characters – which in turn made me felt less connection with them than I like.

The moans coming from my mouth are so sensual, so erotic, and filthy, I wish I was recording them so I could play them for Smith and we could masturbate to the sound of my orgasm with Quin.

Coming into this book I expected hot between the sheet (or up against the wall :p ) sex scenes. It certainly delivered in that sense. But because I’m a dirty slut (like what the men would say lol!), I thought it would be more filthy. I guess moderation is good for the soul haha!

Taking Turns delves into the taboo world of ménage relationship. The sexy suspense story would appeal to readers looking for an erotic escape.


This review is also available on Goodreads.


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