Review: The Rebirth of Sin by Courtney Lane

Title: The Rebirth of Sin
Author: Courtney Lane
Genre: Dark Erotic Thriller
Type: Book 2 of 3 from Wicked Trinity trilogy
POV: First Person – Multiple

Months after she survived the cult Rebirth, Keaton Mara tried to move on with her life. But everyday became harder and harder when new scars kept coming while the old ones still haunting.

Noah Oliver had everything planned out. Believing he had a higher purpose, he was determined to start anew his mission and continue his crusade no matter what it cost.

When I read book 1, I was slightly disappointed when it wasn’t as dark as I expected. Well… looks like this one made my dark heart pitter patter lol!

It was a power trip I was hooked on, and I didn’t know the severity of my addiction until she came along.

Not everyone would be able to appreciate Noah in this book. He was brutal and calculated. Half of the time I wanted him dead and another half I wanted to pat his back.

There was one place she fit perfectly, and that was with me.

I Iike seeing Keaton struggled with her body and her mind. She was constantly pushed beyond her limits and it was interesting seeing her rationalizing her choices.

“I’m going to darken your soul so severely you’ll never know the definition of light again—like I promised you I would. Welcome to the first day of the start of your real rebirth.”

As mentioned, this book is dark. There were many points where I cringed in fascination. And I love the direction of the story. There were three parts and each one has its own “life”. I had a feeling about something and I was right. It certainly made the story more interesting.

If you like hard fucking (in every sense of the word) this book absolutely delivered – pain, pleasure and everything in between.

She was mine, completely…finally.

The Rebirth of Sin is a deliciously dark and twisted continuation of the series. I’m looking forward to the conclusion hopefully with an epic showdown.


Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
This review is also available on Goodreads.


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