ARC Review: Bane by D.H. Sidebottom

Title: Bane
Author: D.H. Sidebottom
Genre: Romantic Thriller
Type: Book 1 of Memphis series
POV: First Person – Dual
Expected Publication: January 31, 2017


Milly Evans has been PA to the head of Sparrow Towers for over eight years. And Milly loves her job. Her boss is the most affectionate and compassionate man she’s ever known. Geoffrey Sparrow’s high profile status and company prestige never changed the old man, and with his and Milly’s love for his respected company, their relationship gave them both something to cherish in the workplace and build an even better future for themselves and all Sparrow’s employees.
That is until her boss is brutally murdered and Milly witnesses the whole horrifying ordeal.
And then everything changes.

Warne Industries has been trying to snatch Sparrow Towers for months, their snide underhand ways not once swaying her much loved boss.
And now they are quick to move in and take what they always wanted – Milly included.
Yet, one of the CEOs of Warne Industries who had been hiding behind the anonymity of his partner turns out to be the best friend Milly had left behind years ago, Rik Bane. However, everything she used to love about Rik is gone, and in his place is an arrogant and cruel man, a man Milly no longer recognises.

His new ways, his coldness and the way he sneers down his nose at Milly give her many reasons to flee her new employers. Yet, driven by her love for Geoffrey and his resolve to create a traditional company, Milly is determined to stay and make sure his lifetime’s commitment isn’t torn to shreds and fed to the lions’ piece by piece.

Now Milly’s past, her secrets and the lies she had told to protect herself and everyone around her is suddenly about to blow wide open. But when it surfaces that Milly is a witness to her boss’ murder, she’s soon running for her life, and the only man that can help her stay alive is Rik.


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ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

Milly Evans loved her job. After eight years of working in the company, it became her family. But an unfortunate shift of power not only ripped her away from her security, but also thrown her into tailspin when she had to deal with an ugly past.

Rik Bane looked for his missing best friends for years after she suddenly disappeared. Now that he found her, he wanted to own her in every way possible. But when their past and present collided, the result could be deadly.

I love dark thrillers, but wasn’t sure which direction this one would go. It wasn’t dark per se, but there were elements that made it an interesting story.

His stare was brutal, violent even, if one could describe a look as violent, and the secrets he held in those eyes made me shift uneasily every time they landed on me.

On first glance Rik appeared to be a brute. But as the story progressed, he started to show other sides of his personality.

There was only Esther Dean that could have me aching with sadness one moment, and in the next, rolling around with laughter.

Like Rik, Milly was masked by a facade. Her past shaped who she was today even when she tried to hide it. It was ingrained in her and would prove to be useful.

“I became someone you wouldn’t recognise. And, while I was ashamed of that, I couldn’t stop. And I couldn’t ever let you see the girl I was without you. So I never came back, I couldn’t.”

There are a lot of characters in this book from both sides, and one of my favorite was Brandon Knox. I wish there was more of him. As for the story, it was exciting with many secrets going around. However, there were still a lot of unanswered question. And considering how this book ended, I can’t see yet how it will be answered in next book.

Bane is a story of a couple with a past that laden their present with secrets and lies they need to overcome. It would appeal to readers who love exciting, action packed stories.

Final Verdict:

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