Book Musing: A Bookstagram Journey

I’ve had my Instagram account for a while before I actually made use of it. And I’ve only started taking book pictures from July 2016.

On board Penang ferry. I was lucky our car was the first one on board so I get to go out and take pictures before people started milling around

On board Penang ferry. I was lucky our car was the first one on board so I get to go out and take pictures before people started milling around

I love seeing bookstagram post that features locations, but personally I’ve only ever taken pictures around my home with book theme related item or food as the “decorations”. I feel weird lugging paperback around and even weirder if I start pulling it out and taking pictures of it. People might not understand what I’m doing lol! And it doesn’t help that no one in real life knows my passion.

The modernized Chowrasta Market

But when I had to go out of state for my cousin’s wedding, I thought I should make use of it and just do it, so I did! I brought with me my favorite book, Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma for my first ever location bookstagram shoot.

Chowrasta Market is full of vendors selling pickled products especially nutmeg based. There are also spices and dried goods. The back portion of the market is the wet section. 

I went to Penang, Malaysia which is one of our world heritage sites. Unfortunately due to time constrain I didn’t get to visit the historical locations for my bookstagram pictures.

The colonial shophouses behind Chowrasta Market.

I love old buildings and really hate seeing changes and was not happy when I saw one of my favorite place in Penang called Chowrasta Market is no longer the dark, humid tourist attraction it was before. They’ve modernized the building and totally lost its charms. Good thing the last time I was there I took a lot of photos of the details (like old signage) that are now forever lost. I would have prefer if they restore rather than upgrade. There are just some things better left as is.

There were four locations I managed to get pictures from. Below are what I posted on my IG. Click on the images for details:

By the end of my journey, my beloved book kind of mangled a little haha! Next time I travel, I’ll take with me something smaller and thinner so it’s easier to carry around (especially that I only carry tiny bags :p )


P.S.: I went to RM2 shop when I was in Penang. We don’t have such shop in my state. Everything in that shop is only RM2 (that’s about US$0.50!). They have everything from household items to food. I bought quite a few things for my book and food photography. I’ll post my stash on my Instagram on later date. 

The RM2 shop is crowded and hot, but it’s worth it because the products are dirt cheap!


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