Favorite Teasers of 2016

In 2016 I read 191 books and made 340 teasers/gifs. Sometimes I get inspired even just by looking at the book cover and sometimes, I get stumped trying to think how to make a teaser significant.

I like to make my teasers to mimic the book cover and/or the book feel. I also like to use images/items that are significant to the book. I think that’s what made me like a particular teasers more than the other – because it has meaning, even if no one else understand the significance.

This year I also started taking book pictures for Instagram. It’s not an easy thing to do considering I don’t own a fancy schmancy camera to start with. Also, I can edit teasers with effects and embellishment, but I am basically clueless when editing plain photos haha! Taking pictures takes a lot of time too with finding props, getting right lighting and angles. But I really enjoyed doing it so will continue doing so.

Mostly I take pictures of my currently reading ARCs. I did some of non ARCs as well and I’ve participated on some challenges too which can be really fun!

Below are my favorite teasers/gif/photos (in no particular order). Click the image to go to the original post.

For full list of my teaser check out my Teasers 2016 board on Pinterest and my photos on Instagram.


Favorite Teasers







Favorite Gifs


Favorite Photos









I only made one. It takes too much time that I can’t afford to spent lol!


2016 has been a good reading year for me. Hopefully 2017 will bring more amazing books that will inspire more creativity!


Note: I planned to post this much earlier but my travelling interfered and I don’t like scheduling post because I’m a control freak lol! 



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