Best Books of 2016

I capped 2016 with 190 books. This year I’ve been more adventurous than I’ve been previously. Last year I mostly stick to authors I’ve read. This year I looked out for new authors to me. I get bored easily so I need variety in term of writing style and genre. By venturing out, I’ve discovered new authors I would read more of, but also some that I might not touch again lol! The twelve books listed above were the winners of my monthly Top Pick. They are books I read in 2016, not necessarily released in 2016.

Below are the full list of the monthly Top Pick winners.
Click cover to go to the corresponding month Top Pick page.




The twelve winners above are the best for the month. Of course there are other books that caught my attention for various other reasons so below are the winners for Special Categories. Click cover to read my review.

Best Heart Stabber

For every single person who ever been hurt, physically or emotionally.

Best Soul Searcher

Dead. I’m dead. This book killed me.

Best Villain I Want To Partner With

Benny is my soulmate.


Best Scene That Slayed Me Open

“Breaking the pattern” scene. I can’t keep it in every single time I think about it dammit! lol!

Best “You Make Me Ashamed I’m Not A Better Person”

Yoss had nothing but he would give everything. He will always be special to me.

Best “Oops I Lost My Panties”

Hot as fuck!


Best Quick Fix

Sometimes shorties are more satisfying than a long ass book. Perfection.

Best “Romance Is Not Straight & Narrow”

The most romantic unconventional romance story.

Best “That’s So Sick But I Like It (A Lot)”

Give me dark and deprave, I feel all warm and fuzzy.

Best “Fuck You Haters!”

It’s sad some people can’t distinguish between fiction and real life, and completely missed the point of the story.

Best “Die Bitch DIE!”

Seriously bitch, die already!

Best “I Want Your Face Between My Thighs” Cover

If I have paperback copy, I’d hug them to bed lol!


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