Review: Mercy F*ck by K.S. Adkins

Title: Mercy F*ck
Author: K.S. Adkins
Genre: Light Romantic Suspense
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Dual

Nine years ago Drew Zelinski thought she found the one. But one blissful night turned into a nightmare when the man she thought as her everything broke her heart when she found out she was just a mercy fuck for him.

Axle Rhodes lived an unfulfilled life for a mistake he made years earlier. When he found a way to get back into Drew’s life, he took it by the horns. But winning her heart back was the least of his concern when there are other factors that could keep them apart.

I chose this book because it seems like a fun, light read. It was that, but also turned out a little different than I expected.

“I’m not jealous, Drew. I’m territorial. Jealous is wanting something that isn’t yours. Territorial is protecting what’s already yours.”

Even though I like how possessive and protective Axle was, I have to say some of the things he said and did to other character(s) didn’t make him a boyfriend material lol! And his character was eclipsed by Drew.

“Tell me you thought about me.”
“Every day,” I answer honestly however I didn’t feel the need to add that most days I wanted him run over by a truck.

Drew was a no nonsense woman with mouth of a sailor. She’s hardworking with a take charged attitude that’s admirable. I love how she’s a hardass with a hidden heart of gold.

She hid it behind her bad ass don’t fuck with me attitude but I knew her, I knew the real her. Which was why it didn’t surprise me she had an assassin on speed dial.

I like how there are suspense and actions weaved into the story. It made that part of the plot interesting. However, the part where they mended their relationship could be elaborated. It was settled too quickly/easily.

“This cock has a lot of horsepower,” he says running it between my legs, marveling at my response.

I also had hard time trying to feel invested with the characters. Their antics were amusing (I love the vibrator scene!), but I just couldn’t care for them as much as I wanted.

“Losing you the first time altered the course of my life. Losing you a second time would unravel it.”

Mercy F*uck is a story of a couple overcoming their less than stellar history and make something good out of it. It would appeal to readers looking for fun characters who don’t take themselves seriously.

I have a soft spot for Shane. And yes, even Carrie lol!


This review is also available on Goodreads.

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