ARC Review: Shattered Poetry by Marita A. Hansen

Title: Shattered Poetry
Author: Marita A. Hansen
Genre: General Fiction/Romance
Type: Book 2 of 4 from Broken Lives series
POV: First Person – Multiple
Expected Publication: December 8, 2016


Nothing good could come from falling for Dante. He was the forbidden fruit I should never have tasted, the apple of his gangbanging father’s eye. If the law didn’t get to me first, I would suffer worse by his father’s hand.

So, I tried to push Dante away, tried so hard not to give in to the beautiful temptation sitting in the back row of my classroom. Because I knew if I gave in to him, he could ruin my life, shattering everything that I held dear: my marriage, my career, my freedom.

But I couldn’t resist him.

And now I was going to suffer the consequences.


ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Clara Hatton knew it too well what her heart wanted could ruin everything she worked for – her marriage, her career, her life. But her bewitching student proved hard to resist even as she saw the devastation around her.

Dante Rata rather put people at arms length and stayed disconnected, except for the one he wanted. As his desire for Clara continued to grow, so did the fallout from the event involving his best friend. He knew what he wanted but getting it could be a lot harder than he could ever imagine.

I absolutely love Dante in Broken English and from the ending, I knew this book was going to be explosive. It really did shattered the easy peaceful nature of previous book.

I hated history, fucking hated everything to do with the past, because I kept repeating it, making the same mistakes over and over again, never fucking learning.

Dante had a lot of issues to overcome in this one. Besides external issues, he still struggled with his personal demons. He’s very fragile on the inside and I love seeing how people around him cared for him even if they went about it in the unconventional way.

Like Eve, I’d tasted the forbidden fruit, but instead of taking one bite, I’d gorged myself on Dante, savouring his delicious flavour, until I had guilt smeared across my face and mind, something I could never wash off.

Clara’s life changed dramatically since Dante first caught her eyes. As her heart wanted more, she struggled with the morality of her actions. Still, for someone in her position she at times acted selfishly/childishly.

There were a lot of things going on throughout this (long) book. I like how there were a lot of actions and suspense elements but I also wish there were more emotional connections between them. And as much as I understand his age might be the reason, I wish there was a more elaborate sexy scenes to compensate the sexual tension between them.

He was like a walking porno, everything he did extremely sexual.

I like the story overall and my love for Dante never wavered, but I felt the ending left too many questions unanswered especially considering the timeline for the next book.

I wanted to cocoon him in my arms, wiping away all his upset, as well as to protect him from more. But I couldn’t. No matter how much I wanted to.

Shattered Poetry is a story of a forbidden relationship, loyalty and sacrifices. The intense story would appeal to readers who like to experience a myriad of emotions to the very last page.

Final Verdict:

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Marita A. Hansen was born in New Zealand, where Behind the Hood is based. Marita loves to write, compose compicturistic art, coach youth football, and referee the occasional match.

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