Review: Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 1

Title: Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 1
Author: Various
Genre: Erotica
Type: Short Stories Anthology
POV: Various

Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 1 is a collection of short erotic stories by twenty two authors. It has a good mix of sexual orientations, racial diversities and variety of sex acts. Each story averages at 5%/15-20 minutes reading time. I don’t re-read books but I can certainly cone back to read my favorite stories in this one.

I read 10 of the stories, and below is the brief summary of it. You can avoid reading if you want to go in totally blind.

★ THE ASSISTANT by Tiffany Reisz ★

Her hips moved in tight circles as Lennon touched her and Jack fucked her.

A boss gave his assistant a long weekend to relax only to have her erotic dream come to life.
✦ 4.5 stars
✦ M/F/M, voyeurism

★ FLYING SOLO by Rachel Kramer Bussel ★

“Call him,” he says, whipping out his phone. “I want him to hear you come.”

A married couple had a pact of having threesome with strangers strictly when traveling only. On a solo trip, she must find someone who could satisfy her while bringing her husband near without being together.
✦ 4.5 stars
✦ F/F/M, M/F, voyeurism

★ THE ROPES by Elise King ★

My hands were raw from gripping the ropes. Somehow all the pain made every sensation more extreme, even the feel of him moving in and out of me.

A woman joined a leadership development training to advance her career ended up conquering her fears in the most pleasurable way.
✦ 4 stars
✦ M/F

★ THE ALTAR OF LAMENTED TOYS by Jessica Taylor for KC Taylor ★

The noise of his hand on my cheek is an omen of terrific sensation to come.

A husband in post apocalyptic world went all the way to grant his wife the pleasure of her favorite toy before the world fell into chaos.
✦ 4 stars
✦ M/F, toys

★ DEMIMONDE by Valerie Alexander ★ 

Inside the velvet bodice of my dress his fingers go. Into my corset and chemise until he cups my breasts.

It’s 1899 in New York and a widow attended a séance that led to an adventure she will never forget.
✦ 4.5 stars
✦ M/F

★ SCENTS & SEXUALITY by Doriana Chase ★

Suddenly, real life gave me a bit of a jolt when Jax, looking inquisitive, tapped on my car window. I wasn’t sure if it was because he had a garden question, or if he’d witnessed me molesting his T-shirt.

A student attracted to the scent of a sexy gardener that led to an unconventional study and “research” method.
✦ 3.5 stars
✦ M/F, M/F/M

★ STARSTRUCK by Lazuli Jones ★

“He came in and sat down a half hour ago. He’s still there. By himself.” Oh fuck. I think my younger self wrote a fanfic that started like that.

A woman reliving her teen crush nostalgia with a 90s has-been actor at Comic Con.
✦ 3.5 stars
✦ M/F

★ ENTER ME by Tabitha Rayne ★

He always chose the perfect words to get me off. I can hear them now, in my mind. The way he wrapped his tongue around words like cunt and cock. I hear every nuance, every inflection, and sear them into my mind.

A woman rediscovering her sensuality after an accident that robbed her of her sense of hearing. The ending was beautiful in non sexual way.
✦ 4.5 stars
✦ Masturbation, M/F

★ WAITING TO PEE by Amy Butcher ★

And it does…when his pee hits directly, accurately, purposefully onto the head of my clit. “Fuck,” I grunt, trying not to move and unable to hold still.

A butch girl formed a “connection” with a trucker while waiting in line for the public restroom.
✦ 4.5 stars
✦ Wet play

★ TWO DOMS FOR DINNER by Dorothy Freed ★

Sir moves behind me, spanking me with the long-handled leather paddle, which makes a loud slapping sound as it strikes. Charles, facing my front, gazes into my eyes as he tweaks my nipples and then amuses himself by lightly slapping my breasts, making them swing back and forth.

A sub had a busy evening entertaining her Dom and his friend.
✦ 3.5 stars
✦ M/F/M


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