Review: Jake by Juliette Jones

Title: Jake
Author: Juliette Jones
Genre: Erotica
Type: Standalone Book 3 of Billionaire series
POV: First Person – Dual


Jake Wolfe has a dark past and a criminal record. At the age of 27 he thinks it might be time to put all that behind him and make a fresh start. But when a strawberry-blond chef who looks like an angel serves him a slice of her warm apple pie, he notices an unmistakable bruise around her left eye and knows exactly what caused it. Can Jake handle this new obsession and control his lust long enough to save her without destroying her?

Sugar Malone spends every waking moment cooking, baking and working to make her new restaurant among the best in New York City. But when her mother’s fifth husband becomes abusive, she runs – literally – straight into the arms of the gorgeous dark-eyed stranger who could turn out to be either the devil or a saint. Is Jake Wolfe the dangerous convict she’s read about, or the white knight lover she never expected to find?

JAKE stars some of the same characters as the Billionaire series and Honey Girl but is a *safe*, sweet, sexy standalone. JAKE is an over-the-top alpha male fantasy. It contains insta-lust, insta-love, a cheesy, perfect happy ending and lots of hot sex. No cliffhangers, love triangles or cheating. Safety gang: this one’s for you:)




ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Sugar Malone was living her dreams in New York. Coming from a small town, she worked hard in making her restaurant Sugar’s, to be a successful business venture. Her delicious apple pie became the talk of the town and smitten her customers including one billionaire bad boy.

Jake Wolfe’s life was going down the drain. After years of working hard building his career, his name was dragged to the mud when he was falsely convicted for insider trading. When he saw Sugar, he recognized the need to be her protector and determined to make her his, even as his future precariously hanged in a balance.

I adore Jake from the beginning. He was loyal and protective of his loved ones. I like how he took care of Sugar. I could use a Jake in my life haha! I also like his relationship with his brother.

Dark demons haunt me like sticky shadows that never go away, no matter how sunny the day might be.

Sugar seemed too innocent at times, but she was also badass in her own sweet way. I like how she returned the favor for everything Jake did for her.

I want to be her rock and her savior. Her lover and her soul mate.

The story was interesting with a couple of major issues they had to overcome. I like how it was developed but not how it was resolved – a little too convenient. Oh, I also wish for more hot sex lol!

Jake is a story of a couple brought together in time of their needs and how they helped each other overcoming the adversity. It would appeal to readers looking for a light, sweet read with a more elaborate plot while still being fairly short.

Note: I think the book over emphasized the size of his cock with constant mentions of it being huge/monstrous/gargantuan/humongous/etc. lol!

Final Verdict:

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By day I’m an editor and by night I write sexy alpha fantasies. I’m married to my own real life hero and live in my favorite place on earth: New York City.


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