Review: Pennies by Pepper Winters

Title: Pennies
Author: Pepper Winters
Genre: Dark Romance
Type: Book 1 of 5 from Dollar series
POV: First Person – Dual

Tasmin Blythe lived a comfortable life even as she hated the expectations put on someone of her social standing. But all that she knew was ripped away when she was taken and sold to a monster. She was forced to adapt by learning it the hard way as Pimlico (Pim). Life with her Master was bleak until someone new shook up the dynamics.

Elder Prest was a visiting businessman. He was both loathed and feared for his work. He never let his personal interest interfered until he saw someone that triggered an inexplicable connection. While she might think he could be her savior, he could possibly be adding to her nightmare.

I always avoid series if I can help it. But after so many glowing recommendations and the promise of dark depravity, I caved lol!

Hunting was a lot of fun. Just like thievery. The trick to pulling off a great heist was to gain the trust of your intended victim first.

Before reading, I had a certain expectation for Elder to be a dark character. So far, I only see a hint of it. I like how he struggled with his inner demons and I hope to see more of it in upcoming books.

I like being in Pim’s head and see how she rationalized to cope with her situations. When a character went through traumatic experience, I love to see how they make it and especially fascinated if they break from it :p

I didn’t have a saviour when I’d needed one. I had no intention of being a saviour to someone else.

I am not a fan of graphic violence but in this book, I actually wanted to see it rather than being told about it. I think it would add more impact to the character’s suffering. But that’s just me and my depraved needs haha!

Pennies is a story of a woman’s struggle to survive a hostile situation. It is the first book in a 5 parts series with a promise of darker things to come.


This review is also available on Goodreads.

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