Review: The Trouble With Before by Portia Moore

Title: The Trouble With Before
Author: Portia Moore
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Type: Standalone
POV: First Person – Dual

Lisa Gregory was at turning point in her life. As a teenager she made a grave mistake and lost the support of her two best friends. She went away on a self discovery journey only to find herself in a dead end. She decided to come back home and start anew, but it was hard when past mistakes still haunting her.

Aiden Riles was one half of the best friend she lost. He had always been by her side until he had enough. With her coming back, their relationship shifted. But her past and his present might not merge well for a possible future.

I’ve wanted to read the author’s other standalone book for a while but never got to it. When I saw the new book with sexy cover and the blurb, it helped solidified my choice lol!

He made me feel as though even after everything that’s happened, something good could still exist.

I like Aiden from the prologue. I actually didn’t expect him to be light and funny. I enjoyed his POV on how he thought his ideal relationship should be. He was a nice guy, but he won’t let anyone step on him.

Once upon a time, we were kindred spirits, the two screw -ups, and it really sucks that I’ve screwed up so badly that even Aidan looks at me as if I’m shit.

Lisa was not a likeable character to begin with. But as the story goes, you can see from her POV why/how she handled things, you’ll sympathize with her. She’s still hurting from her past mistake and things just keep snowballing from there, threatening to suffocate her.

I really like reading about their relationship evolution, how they started as childhood friends, the breakdown of that friendship and the acceptance in the end. However, I was expecting it to be more angsty/emotional/intense. But then again, that might just be me because I do prefer my books to be on the heavy side lol!

We’re fire and ice, each other’s beginning and ending.

The characters from this book came from the author’s series. There are a lot of them and I never read the series, but I didn’t have any problem understanding who’s who.

The Trouble With Before is a story about making mistake, learning to live with it, and both giving and accepting forgiveness. It would appeal to people who wants an emotional book that is not too heavy.


This review is also available on Goodreads.

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